20 September 2008

Addendum on presidential eligibility

Somehow, until yesterday, I had never come across the wonderful, hilarious article "Taking Text and Structure Really Seriously: Constitutional Interpretation and the Crisis of Presidential Eligibility" by Jordan Steiker, Sanford Levinson, and Jack Balkin (74 Texas Law Review 237 (1995)). In addition to explaining why the U.S. hasn't had a legitimate President since Zachary Taylor, it works in references to Naming and Necessity, Studies in the Way of Words, and Hustler magazine.

14 September 2008

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(Helvidius scowls.)

Alix: I'm not trying to draw, really. I have genuine affection for the Petroff.

Helvidius: That's impossible. No one can have genuine affection for the Petroff.

Alix: I do.

Helvidius: Why?

Alix: Because I lose with everything else.