16 March 2008

Tree diagrams

Does anyone know of a simple programme for producing tree diagrams (analogous to those used by linguists, although frequently with more complex labels on the nodes, including labels involving multiple lines and logical or mathematical formulae) ? I'm currently using phpSyntaxTree, which is better than trying to draw the trees in Word, but not great.

09 March 2008

An Interesting Article in the Times

Somehow I missed this when it came out, in November.

Apparently there's been serious debate in the U.S. State and Defense Departments over whether the U.S. should share permissive action link (PAL) technology with Pakistan.

For background on PALs, see here and here.

It seems that this would be a good step towards improving Pakistan's nuclear security. The U.S. itself has not always been exemplary in this area: for a very long time, weapons on Navy submarines did not have PALs.