11 August 2007

An aphorism

In the end, I am not sure that Schmitt is as original or significant a political thinker as is often claimed--although, given his importance in Weimar intellectual history, the dark fascination he holds for many on the Left (myself included) is not difficult to understand. But he does at least deserve to be remembered as a extraordinary aphorist. Here is a gem I found recently:

“Daß die Anarchisten langweilig werden, ist vielleicht das letzte Zeichen dafür, daß es mit einer Gesellschaft zu Ende ist.”

Letter to Ernst Jünger, 2 Jan. 1934, in
Briefe 1930-1983, ed. Helmuth Kiesel (Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 1999), p. 21.

The context, strangely enough, is a comment on C
éline's Voyage au bout de la nuit.

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